“We tend to associate culturally-specific practices with the relative successes of the cultures with which they’re associated.”
— Yoni Appelbaum, quoted by Ta-Nehisi Coates in The Atlantic
“They are the art of our time. The art of the 21st century. … And for many who care deeply about art, that is very depressing. And damning.”
— Greg Allen, Art Of The Bush School

Geostationary satellites in the Swiss Alps

by Michael Kunze

“We do not require our marketing narratives to be true. We merely require them to convince us of our own sophistication.”

Horseshoe crab blood harvest

(by Mark Thiessen for National Geographic Magazine)

“Because they can so powerfully create a compelling, self-contained experience for the viewer, design futures are often at risk of producing visually rich, but analytically impoverished, outputs.”
Traffic Sheep

by Christophe Machet